Monday, 26 September 2011

Personal project 1

I'm doing reportage for my first personal project. I will be illustrating everything like my journeys, view points, people, work, achitecture, animals, scenery, organic objects, found objects, etc. It's going sound so far. I've been documenting people like at the train stations and in the library. It can get awkward when people eye ball ya :/ ah well! Images will be up soon but I have to wait until my camera comes back from repair :( it's like losing a limb

Liverpool journey Sept 23rd

Robotz XD

I discovered the Lego shop at Liverpool One the other day!

Epic advert

My favourite advert

Family illustrations

A project I really enjoyed and based it on certain people, friends and pets who I consider my real family past and present. I collected old photographs, drew from life and images on to envelopes, scrap paper, note paper, acetate with pens, tipex, inks, watercolour, oil pastels and pencils. I pinned and clipped the individual illustrations to two long pieces of string on a board with little found objects I discovered while gathering research for this project such as old bits of jewellery, beads, buttons, clips, bows, shells, brooches.

Sketch of my mum

                                                         My mum Suzy Q

Download 2011!

                                    Making friends with our neighbour ALLAN!!!!!
                                                           Alot of these :D
Zombie dayz and these 2 pair of sexy zombies on my right got engaged at Download :D
Zombie <3

I dyed parts of my hair orange over the summer, my mum thought i must be having a breakdown but seeing me nan's face and hating it is so worth it :D Might not be extreme for some but i love winding her up :)
The Widnes Crew :)
My egg(fail) of a tent :/ i don't camp well

Starting off with the summer of 2011

Chillin in me garden and this Robin was being a bit of a poser with this worm :/