Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Rough print ideas

I've been working on Tigerprint competitions lately. These are some of my rough drafts.

Alien My Game Fan Art theme entry.

Theme sketches for Ray Gun

It was my first chilled out Sunday I have had in a long time and did a couple of things for the themes on (such an ace blog) It was fun and my dog is like a lovable annoying lil  brother to me so he was ideal for the My Favourite Thing theme. (final image)

Manchester Comicon

I went to Manchester Comicon this year. I got my nerd on and 'found' a Supernatural poster of Dean in the girls loo's :D Visited the Lego Store which is always fun. 

Summer, summer tiiiiiiime :)

Over the summer......

I went to Creamfields 2012 on the Saturday (the day before it drowned). The sculpture of the big letters of Creamfields clearly brought myself and other intoxicated individuals such joy.
Dangerously interactive art :) I sharpied 'KLo was ere'