Monday, 18 May 2015

Commissioned baby elephant sketch







I was commissioned to create a sketch of an elephant for a client. He has an elephant theme in his guest toilet and once he had it framed it went well next to the elephant trinkets on display. I mostly used a HB pencil and graphite pencils to sketch this elephant calf out on to a4 paper.








I was asked to paint Marie from Disney's The Aristocats for a nursery room. I didn't want to use black so I opted for silver instead to give the painting a more delicate feel to it. I sketched out the kitten with a HB pencil first and then painted the A4 canvas with acrylic paints. 

Cool technicolor movie posters






Window displays from








When I was on holiday last September in Estepona me and my friends explored the place and came across high end designer stores. Their window displays were amazing! Splatter effect, sculpture and print designs stood out to me. 

8-bit cinema

Just discovered this clip on YouTube. Love this 8-bit gaming version of Spirited away. One of my favorite animations ever!

Friday, 8 May 2015


I was inspired by jellyfish even with them being one of the scariest things on the planet and a source of some of my nightmares. I used the triangle as a base and layered over it with the quick ink marks, tipex and bleach to create a water like effect and make the jellyfish look as if they are floating.
It is available as a print and many other items in my Society6 page.

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Organic details


Sections from some organic illustrations I have done. These are fun and using bleach creates lovely colours and is unpredictable with the marks. Shame I hate the smell.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

London babyyyy!





The past year I have been going to London. It is one of my favourite places to go. There is always something to see and do. I can and never will be bored of the city. It is an inspiring place and every time I go I make it my mission to do something new.





Quick sketches.





I love it when people give you gifts that is quirky and is 'so you'.

The Skull experiment




I love skulls and wanted to experiment with tipex and other media. I used indian ink with touches of water colours for the base and to create the shadows of the skull. Then instead of using more black I added bits of blues and purples. Once dried I used tipex to create different textures on the skull and around it, layered the canvas with highlighter pens and more watercolours. I like the grim look of it and I want to keep experimenting with tipex.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Nursery art

 Did a few nursery paintings for a couple of friends. The mother is a Pokémon fan and Mew is adorable so I did a simple a acrylic painting for her baby daughter. Also Mew is neither female or male but is cat like and goes with the cat theme in the room.