Sunday, 19 April 2015

Lights inspiration


I was sitting on my floor and noticed the light reflecting off a jar on my bookshelf and it was so beautiful I could not resist taking this image. 


Mum was very proud of her Christmas tree display.  


The most amazing Christmas decoration ever! Pretty expensive but ideal tree decoration for a Disney Frozen fan.

Throwback Fashion Doodles


Sketchbook doodles and the one above is an erratic marker pen drawing over  tipex. 


My favourite thing to do layering inked lines over each other that appear abstract but you can also see the different body shapes. 


I love collage and layering with abstract figures. This is exciting and always no doodle is ever the same.

Crimson Peak trailer!

Cannot wait for October! I need a scary film in my life and I am hoping Crimson Peak does it for me plus it has Tom Hiddleston starring in it.

College art

I had a clear out one Sunday and found this photograph of an exhibition of mine from my second year of college. It was a major portrait project and I remember being so restricted to A3 in my sketchbooks and then my favourite tutor in the whole world (he was also my photography teacher too) said 'go bigger, push yourself'. I only have this as evidence because a year later my house burnt down and I lost all my artwork and other prized possessions. From the left portrait I clearly needed to blend the colours better. I enjoyed using oil pastels of my best friend on the right portrait. I went through a lot of cream, white and blue pastels on that one.

Comics and brews


Some days it is heaven to just chill enjoy a mug of tea and even a latte with a few comics a friend lent out to me and came highly recommended. The Thor comics 'The God Butcher' and 'Godbomb' are amazing! Gods are being slaughtered and different Thors in different times coming together to stop the villain what's not to like. Plus there is a cosmic shark. 
The Wolverine comic 'Old Man Logan' is set in the post apocalyptic future and a lot of craziness has gone down. It is that insane and you want to know more about what has happened to a lot of these characters. It is not all about Logan you know :)